The Festival Of lights

The Festival Of lights

It is surprising to the richness of the color Red-Orange.There is a beautiful sense of serenity and festivity which is sought when you look at the color Red-Orange.
The one festival that comes to my mind dominated by the color is the Indian festival-Diwali’The Festival Of Lights’.The entire festival is a visual treat to the eyes, and the color Red-Orange adds even more grandness to this festival.
ThIs is one of the most important festivals celebrated in India and has been based of a rich heritage of stories. I will attempt to capture this heritage and narrate the story of each of this 5day festival.The festival begins with a ritual on the 1st day called ‘Dhanteras’ and ends on the 5th day with Bhai-Dhuj. I narrate why and how the 5 days are celebrated and the influence of color in it.


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