More Red-Orange

Understanding Red-Orange over the past couple of weeks, has opened my eyes to the various impact it has when one looks at it. It arouses different feelings and emotions in a person.Things like anxiety, caution,fear, uneasiness etc may rise, but things like hope, change, temporary,beauty,warm,rich also rise from the same color.I would like to explore the concept of change that is associated with this color.For me, the very nature of this color is to change,to transition into a completely different color altogether as the end product.I like to look at this as the color of hope. It gives me an idea that there is a change about to occur,a hope for something better.

I believe that there are various ways in which this color behaves to depict change, but the following three context really caught my attention.They are three completely different scenario’s all concentrating on the same concept, the concept of CHANGE.

Lets begin with nature.We are surrounded by nature and it consist’s both permanence and temporariness. The permanence if heightened more due to the temporariness character of certain elements.Permanent is the blue sky, Green leaves, the yellow sun and so on.Very few appreciate the temporary elements.Nobody says, the leaves are orange, though people wait the entire year for autumn, because it brings hope,ope of a good winter, of good holidays and the merry times to come. It is time we appreciate this temporariness.

Another significant area where we can see the use of Red-Orange is Architecture.Red-Orange in Architecture has always been used to signify change, to make a mark, to tell the world of new approaches.In simple words, to tell the world that there is change in the way things have been done.Some examples of these have been the famous Golden Gate Bridge, Bernard tshumi’s Follies,Peter Eisenmen’s-Staircase etc.All these structure were built to denote a significant change in the  way one looked at architecture.

Then there are changes which alter are perspective about how we look at things.It may be for a few seconds, minutes or the rest of your lifetime.Some examples for these are The Red-Orange of the sunrise or the sunset, the Red-Orange ‘sindhoor’ used to notify a cultural change in woman’s life in India. The traffic light which evokes the the feeling of anxiety etc.

So, to me Red-Orange means a color which signifies a variety of CHANGE,a color which brings HOPE,a color which tells me the phase is only temporary and something permanent is on its way.


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