‘What is the 1st thought that comes to your mind when I say ‘RED-ORANGE’?

When I did ask people around me this question, they came up with some pretty amazing answers. Some said sunrise, some said sunset, while others said autumn, leaves, oranges, volcanoes while eruption,spirituality etc. On deeper thinking and analysis of my short survey I feel that Red-Orange is a color of TRANSITION a color of CHANGE. If you observe you will see it yourself, everything which relates to red orange is a state of transition. It maybe one form to another, one state of mater to the other, one season to another and so on. For me RED-ORANGE is a color which signifies the entity of change.

‘Red-Orange is a bright vibrant color which symbolizes physical energy .‘This is wikipedia’s description for the color. ‘PHYSICAL ENERGY’ this word itself impacts a sense on motion within us. Similar pattern began to weave itself together as the research progressed. It is one of the strongest colors of the spectrum and does not diffuse easily. This makes it a very popular color when there is a need to highlight a difference which is not the usual state, to highlight CHANGE. Another prominent example is the ‘Golden Gate Bridge’, the architects used a tint of Red-Orange famously known as the ‘International Orange’ to construct the entire bridge.One major reason being the strong wavelength, but more importantly it was a depiction of change in the era for architecture and also for the country emerging from the great depression. Even in the Hindu culture this color signifies a change, though here it is more symbolic. Red-orange holy powder is worn by the women when they step into a new phase in life, that is the phase of marriage. It was interesting to see this pattern emerge is every aspect the involves Red-Orange.

I would like explore this concept of ‘Change’ involving with the color Red-Orange. Deeper understanding of he emotional Impact of this color. I will look at studying the ‘Physiological and Emotional‘ impact this color has on people. Being an Architect always makes me consider spaces. To deliver a successful project, it is important to understand how space and color impact the physical and mental state of a person. I would like to explore this aspect of  ‘Physiological impact of Color in relation to Space’.


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